The James Bond Bedside Companion

كتاب The James Bond Bedside Companion

الكاتب: Raymond Benson

In this story, Bond is assigned to cover the escape of a British agent from East Berlin by assassinating a Russian executioner named Trigger before the killer can shoot the British agent. Bond stations himself in a building overlooking the no-man's land between East and West, armed with a .308 caliber Winchester rifle. Trigger will presumably a?empt to fire at the British agent from the opposite building. While watching the street, Bond is struck by the beauty of a blonde girl carrying a cello case. Finally, on the third evening, the British agent appears on the street. Bond takes aim at the window from which Trigger's gun is now pointing. A s the agent runs, Trigger leans out of the window to shoot. The executioner is none other than the blonde cellist. A fter a second's hesitation, Bond fires, wounding Trigger rather than killing her. The British agent makes it across to safety. "The Living D aylights" is by far the best story in the collection, and is similar to the short stories of FO R YO UR EYES O N LY in that it has a good plot, plenty of action, good characterizations, and Fleming's choice stylistic elements.<br> The plot is straightforward. The Fleming S weep takes the reader through the tale at a quick pace; it is compressed and intensely wri?en. The usual rich detail abounds: descriptions of the shooting range at the story's opening, sights of Berlin, and the assassination attempt are vivid. The story is further enhanced by a surprise ending.<br> Thematically, the story deals with the dirty side of Bond's profession. Bond has never liked killing as an assignment; but do his duty he must. Bond questions the morality of the job at one point Captain S ender, the S erviceman in West Berlin, gives Bond a bit of trouble:

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