Ascension Trilogy 02 - Princess

كتاب Ascension Trilogy 02 - Princess

تحميل كتاب : Ascension Trilogy 02 - Princess

تأليف : Gaelen Foley

تصنيف الكتاب : EN-Novels

نوع الملف : Ascension Trilogy 02 - Princess - pdf

Gaelen Foley is a captivating writer who will sweep you away with this unforgettable story of forbidden love and wondrous destiny. Darius Santiago is the King's most trusted spy. He is charming, ruthless, and he has one weakness--the stunning Princess Serafina. She is all he has ever wanted and everything he cannot have. Serafina has always worshiped Darius, knowing that deep in the reaches of her soul, where she is not royalty but a flesh-and-blood woman, she belongs to this dangerous man. Unable to suppress their desire, they are swept into a daring dance of passion until a deadly enemy threatens to destroy their new love. Princess is a marvelous adventure, full of intrigue and pageantry.

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