Angelis Series 4 - Lie with Me

كتاب Angelis Series 4 - Lie with Me

تحميل كتاب : Angelis Series 4 - Lie with Me

تأليف : Cara Summers

تصنيف الكتاب : EN-Novels

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Corfu's exotic beaches are a matchless place to meet true love...or at least to have a fabulous fling And that's exactly what Philly Angelis needs. After all, she's a survivor of unrequited love...and an embarrassingly rejected sexual proposition. Fleeing to Greece to soak in its sexy magic--as well as to find a hot guy to take her mind off her longtime crush, Roman Oliver--seems the perfect antidote.Roman can't believe what he's doing. Philly is his best friend's little sister--definitely hands-off So why is he following her to Corfu? And why is he taking her outrageously delicious sexual proposition seriously? Maybe because Philly's all woman now--a woman who knows exactly what she wants. And, God help him, Roman's going to give it to her....

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