Never Send Flowers

كتاب Never Send Flowers

تأليف : John Gardner

Illusion leads to murder as 007 crosses the globe, tracking down the wrong killer in Gardner's 12th addition to the classic, bestselling James Bond series. While investigating a murder, Bond is led on a harrowing intercontinental chase that reaches its chilling and fantastic climax outside Paris in the ultimate kingdom of illusion and magic: EuroDisney. A murder in Switzerland of Laura March with MI5 connections follows assassinations in Rome, London, Paris & Washington. Left at each scene is a rose with marks of drops of blood on the petal. Bond is sent to investigate where he meets the lovely Swiss agent Fredericka von Grüsse whom he later calls Flicka when on better terms. Trails lead to a former international stage actor, David Dragonpol, a friend of March who lives in a castle on the Rhine called Schloss Drache which he is turning into a theatre museum. They also meet a widow and flower grower, Maeve Horton.

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