Trevelyan Family 01 - Isabella

كتاب Trevelyan Family 01 - Isabella

تحميل كتاب : Trevelyan Family 01 - Isabella

تأليف : Loretta Chase

تصنيف الكتاب : EN-Novels

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At the spinster age of 26, the independent, wealthy and imminently sensible Isabella Latham had forgotten about marriage hopes long ago. Ever aware of duty, Isabella accompanies her two young cousins to oversee their debut in London...only to find that it's Isabella who is attracting all the suitors...all of whom do seem to have quite an excess of creditors. There's the sinfully sexy Basil Trevelyan, a rake through and through - the kind of rake that even sensible Isabella can barely resist. And then there's his maddeningly handsome cousin, the Earl of Hartleigh, who makes her heart nearly leap out of her chest, with just a glance of his eye. Poor, poor Isabella. What's a girl to do? But more importantly...who's a girl to choose? Never did prim and proper Isabella think that having two rakish suitors would cause a scandal so earth shattering that it would rattle all her family skeletons, get one over on all those vile gossip mongers and --- land her an ideal husband!

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