كتاب Fallen

تحميل كتاب : Fallen

تأليف : Erin McCarthy

تصنيف الكتاب : EN-Novels

نوع الملف : Fallen - pdf

The StoryOverwhelmed by the misery humans endure, Gabriel, assigned as a Watcher over humanity, attempts to drown the despair with absinthe and opium becoming addicted to avoidance. As a consequence, God tosses him from Heaven sentencing him to an everlasting demonhood, part of which Gabriel assuages by taking a mistress, Anne, in 1849. When said mistress is murdered horribly, Gabriel swears off women and his drugs of choice retreating into a solitary existence. Until he learns of another murder. Committed exactly the same way. In the early 21st century. Desperate to learn if there is a connection. To learn if he had killed Anne, Gabriel teams up with the daughter of today's murdered woman to discover the true killer never dreaming just what that connection is.

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